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If you are an entrepreneur or leader who wishes to embrace AI for the sake of adoption, I would advise you to reconsider, as there is a good chance you will fail.

Are you wondering? What does that mean shall I not adopt AI? Let me give you a quick rundown.

Prior to implementing AI, consider the following:

Invest in AI:

By investing, I mean researching use cases extensively and mapping them to the organization’s needs. However, ongoing study always yields good results. Because AI is still in its early stages, these studies will encourage you to take tiny steps and trust this technology. Begin your journey by taking small steps rather than large ones. These early successes give you and your company a push toward adoption. Key outcomes should be used to evaluate your performance. 

The mantra is to be specific about what you expect. It is investing in innovation to provide businesses with a competitive advantage.

“Nearly 80 percent of companies incorporating AI solutions have benefited from better insights and analysis, according to Capgemini’s State of AI Survey.”

Educate your workforce:

You can never recognize the potential of this technology until you are AI-aware. To innovate, you must overcome the technological knowledge gap. Allow your team to discover its applicability since each mind has its way of making a difference. They do not need to go deep into the technicalities of this area to understand its relevance. Your workforce does not need to be data scientists, but they must be literate enough about the applicability of AI/ML that they will be able to map problems to AI solutions. Including this in their toolkit will help them grasp the concepts of AI, such as how machines learn from data, how much data is sufficient, and what role they can play in ensuring the success of the AI model. At the same time, executives must regularly evaluate their workforces to identify areas where AI applications might enhance operations and provide real value.

“ If anything hinders AI adoption among businesses, it’s expertise, skill, and knowledge”~Forbes

“eMLy learn” is a gamified method developed by Emly Labs that simplifies the process of AI learning for business users by providing a practical approach to solving real-world problems. It assists users in comprehending the various stages of model building and performance evaluation.

Building a data-forward culture:

Going with your gut instinct will get you nowhere in this digital age. So, before making any decisions, consider the data. Having AI in your toolset will undoubtedly assist you in gaining actionable insights. Employees must realize they may exploit data based on their organizational role—data democratization is vital. Data-forward will help them communicate more effectively with clients or team members. Data culture is not a project that can be completed and then relinquished; however, it must be continuously improved.

A way forward:

“Organizations that have reaped the benefits of AI have done so not by learning how to change but by changing to learn” ~BCG

To reap tangible benefits, one must first become AI-aware. Emly labs have taken the initiative to make this  AI learning simple, practical, and fun. To raise awareness and educate our business personnel through a gamified approach—eMLy learn. Simply– “Easing machine learning for you.”

Emly Labs aims to close the divide between AI and business users with its innovative product. The platform offers a unique opportunity for business experts to take control of AI initiatives, leveraging their complete understanding of the business problem at hand. This is particularly significant given the shortage of AI talent in the market and the high costs associated with hiring top-tier data scientists.

One of the main challenges in AI adoption is the disconnect between data scientists and business users, which can impede effective communication and collaboration. Emly Labs’ platform addresses this issue by providing a streamlined solution that allows business users to harness the power of AI without needing to navigate its intricacies. With Emly Labs, business experts can now take charge of AI initiatives, leveraging their unique understanding of the business context to address problems and make data-driven decisions.

This groundbreaking platform offers a new way of thinking about AI adoption, empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of their data. Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the first to experience Emly Labs‘ innovative solution.

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