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Innovation is now imperative for driving your business to the next level. Business executives must stand out to stay up with the market’s changing needs. Driving innovations with AI is critical for business leaders to bring value. An organic adoption of AI to address complex business problems will increase the effectiveness and scalability of an organization.

Executives will need to understand how to apply AI and get the most out of it. One must begin by practicing through activities to develop a strong knowledge of machine learning. 

An objective and actionable understanding of machine learning is vital for business leaders.

Why should Business leaders learn AI?

To harness the real promises of machine learning is by getting equipped with a skill set- critical for businesses.

The relevant knowledge assists you in identifying opportunities. To foster innovation and efficiency in your enterprise, one must gauge why he is exploring this area? How’s he going to fetch benefits? Looking for the answers might convince you.

How to learn machine learning?

If you are a modern-day business leader interested in acquiring this skill but engrossed in your busy schedule. It’s hard to carve out time for upskilling. Don’t get discouraged; recognize that learning ML is imperative for innovation.

You do not need a science background or be proficient at mathematics and coding. Learning it for knowing its applicability in your business is just enough. Hands-on experience in AI helps perceive fundamentals. 

Four key points that you will learn are:

  1. Mapping the problem.
  2. Identifying the Data: How much data is necessary? Consideration of the right parameters.
  3. Building a model while selecting the best algorithm for your dataset.
  4. Evaluating performance and improving accuracy.

AI is evolutionary, iterative, and experimental. There is no single path to solving any problem.

EMLY.Labs has gamified Learning for business leaders. Learning AI but without getting into its complexities. This game has a variety of tracks with varying challenges, helping users gain confidence in their ability to solve problems.

A comprehensive way forward:

We at EMLY.Labs envision empowering business leaders with the knowledge of AI, leveraging AI as a tool to strengthen their organizations.

To understand what business leaders prefer, we surveyed to determine the best method for learning AI. A significant 52 % of the audience voted in favor of a AI game they could play. Learning through play is an age-old concept, and through the learning game  “EMLY learn”, we plan to introduce AI to Business Leaders. 

 It’s a concept that aims to provide business experts  with an AI/ ML adoption evaluation to investigate what it can accomplish for them.

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