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“Innovation is the key to growth and AI is the key to innovation. Are business leaders equipped to drive AI powered innovation and growth? ”   

Read on as I spill the beans about how vital it is to add AI to a business leader’s skill set and how this knowledge holds the potential to transform businesses.

 Why should business leaders add AI in their toolkit?

AI is reshaping the business and helping enterprises achieve the previously unthinkable. Experts believe that for AI to truly add value to an organization, it must be aligned with the organization’s strategic goals.  Companies must be clear about what they are trying to achieve before they can use AI to get there.

In order to chalk out the right path, it is important to know what AI is about and how it can be used to add value to an organization. Business leaders are responsible for making strategic business decisions. Once they decide to leverage AI to achieve their business goals, adding it to their skillset will act as a catalyst for transformation.

What level of knowledge is enough to steer the growth of an AI powered business?

In order to drive an AI powered business, it should be enough to learn about AI at an application level. This knowledge can be harnessed to drive strategic decisions. Augmented by the knowledge of AI, business leaders can drive strategy decisions from top down and can take important decisions about the verticals that AI can transform.

How can business leaders learn and know more?

AI is a vast field, but business leaders need to figure out how deep they want to delve into it and what level of knowledge would help to add value to their enterprise. This knowledge can help them to decide about the course they want to take up and the time they can devote towards learning about AI.

Most often CEOs live by the numbers and these numbers are one of the determinants of success. Another equally important determinant of success is making sound decisions which lead to the creation of value. AI is poised to transform organizations and the decision to deploy AI would require careful management to prevent unintentional damage. When CEOs add AI in their skillset they can offer a compass for further guidance, innovation and growth.

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