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How AI contributes toward mitigating risks and managing inventory levels 

Marketplaces today are undergoing dramatic shifts. Aided by digital transformations, E-commerce has transformed the buying and selling process. There is a greater need than ever to keep pace with the changing consumer landscape and businesses that are stuck with legacy technologies and processes will certainly perish. Real-time perpetual inventory management systems can help in dynamic […]

5 Reasons to Choose ML and AI Over Rule-Based Systems

“Data is becoming the new raw material of business.” – Craig Mundie, Senior Advisor to the CEO at Microsoft  The 3 most common question that has been trending among CPG enterprise and their Sales Leaders were;  1. How does AI/ML differentiate itself from conventional rule-based systems?  2. How can AI/ML solve their business problems while […]

The Post Pandemic Data Driven Culture

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a global impact, and nothing is left untouched by the aftereffects of the pandemic. Be it healthcare, lifestyle, education, travel, business, or economy, there is unprecedented demand for certain products/services, whereas some businesses are completely shut down. Digitalization is at its peak with high demand for online availability of […]

Data literacy – A step towards embracing the data-driven culture.

Data has always been the key element for making decisions, even prior to the modern era; the only difference was how data was examined earlier, employing conventional rule-based procedures. Time has changed, and with the rapid onset of AI, business leaders are predicting disruption in the working practice of the workforce.  AI is transforming the […]

4 ways you can instill a data forward culture in CPG Industries

In the age of rapid acceleration, companies are making every attempt to transition from feeling- to fact-based, but it is proving to be anything but simple. Most data-driven transformations are nipped in the bud because they aren’t paired with shifts in established business models and processes. To put it simply, to make successful changes, CPG […]

Best Practices To Ensure Data Security Governance.

Gartner defines data security governance as a subset of data governance that deals specifically with protecting data, whether structured or unstructured, through defined policies and practices. The unprecedented data growth and other factors that include scalability, flexibility, cost reduction, efficiency, and agility have pushed businesses to adopt cloud architecture. However, the combination varies; businesses move […]

How is data governance crucial for the success of AI? 

A data governance framework governs company data’s availability, usage, integrity, and security by establishing standards and regulations. Aligning human resources, various business processes, and technology makes data a corporate asset.  Due to appropriate data governance, you can respond to the following questions. Depending on the business, several sources contribute a wide range of data. Many […]

With AI/ML in the toolbox— CIOs can strengthen the supply chain:

The supply chain is regarded to be the beating heart of any business. So one may determine how essential its correct operation is to its stakeholders. Recent disturbances, such as Covid-19 or the Ukraine-Russia war. These interruptions will influence the supply chain worldwide, so don’t expect your skin to be spared. God forbid how many […]